How to Make the Most Comfortable Bed Ever!
A Comfortable bed is a luxury we can all create in our own home! No hotel stay or pro designer needed! If you want to know how to make a comfy bed, keep reading for the secret to creating a cozy bed!

Why a Comfortable Bed is Important

Life’s felt a little bit crazy lately, hasn’t it? All of a sudden, in addition to your full-time job, you’re responsible for feeding people three meals a day, homeschooling, and refereeing the countless squabbles, siblings get into when they’re forced to spend 24/7 together under the same roof.
Plus, a house full of people ALL THE TIME, gets way messier way quicker than a home where everyone hurries off to school in the morning and returns late in the afternoon after all the sports practices are done.
When this entire situation began, I reveled in the thought of all the extra time I’d have. No carpools, no lessons, no chauffeuring kids between their friends’ houses. But, in reality, the days are still packed, and some days, I’m a little more tired than I was before.

Why I’d Rather Have a Cozy Bed Than Designer Shoes
Regardless of what type of day it’s been, I’ve always found that one of life’s greatest luxuries is that, at the end of it, we get to sleep. And, because of my deep-rooted belief that sleep is good and a comfortable place to do it better, making sure that our beds are as cozy as can have always been a priority for me.
Seriously, forget cars or designer shoes (especially since there’s no place to wear them anymore!) if there’s one piece of luxury you should treat yourself to, it should be a cozy, comfy bed.
When I say this, I don’t mean a perfect hotel bed. Or perfectly folded corners. I don’t even mean a ton of gorgeous throw pillows, although, if that’s your thing, totally go for it.
No, what I’m talking about is pure comfort. I’m talking about the kind of bed you can’t wait to sink into in the evening. The kind you want to spend a few extra minutes snuggled into in the morning.
How to Make the Perfect Comfortable Bed
The question I get asked the most when we have overnight guests is, “what did you do to make that bed SO comfortable?”.
I then proceed to give them a rundown of how I make the beds. It’s not difficult at all, and you likely already have most of the things you need to make your bed cozy. And, while I know that hotel beds seem to be the standard for “most comfortable bed” after you set your bedding up like this, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hotel bed more comfortable than the one you have at home.

It Starts With the Mattress
I’m not a mattress expert (and I’m going to guess most people aren’t), but we do know what feels good and what doesn’t.
In my opinion, if you can lie on your mattress and you feel supported and comfortable, you’re probably good to go. If it’s sagging in the middle or you feel something poking you, it might be time to go mattress shopping.
We are not “mattress snobs” at my house. I purchased the mattress in my master bedroom in a showroom before I learned that you could have compressed mattresses shipped to you in a box.
Since then, I’ve replaced all of our mattresses “bed in a box style” . We’ve been thrilled with everything we’ve purchased so far. I just make sure to read the reviews first to see what other customers have to say about the specific product I’m interested in. Also, when it comes to mattress thickness, I think 11-12 inches is ideal. I probably wouldn’t purchase anything under 10-inches, just because that’s going to be a very think sleeping surface.
Next Layer – Add a Featherbed
The featherbed is the superhero in creating that “I’m sleeping on a cloud” feeling.
If you’re allergic to down or feathers just aren’t your thing, there are some decent hypo-allergenic versions on the market you can try. But, the truth is, nothing is going to recreate the super cozy feeling of a real down featherbed.
Just make sure that you invest in a decent featherbed cover to keep the feathers from poking through. Plus, the cover will protect the featherbed, and you’re able to throw the cover into the washing machine with the rest of our linens.
Next, You’ll Need to Add Sheets and a Duvet to Your Cozy Bed
This next step is essential. To make the best bed ever, you are going to need two sets of sheets and a duvet insert.
Directions for Putting Sheets and Duvet on Your Bed
1. Place the fitted sheet over your mattress and feather bed.
2. Lay a flat sheet over your fitted sheet, with the top of the sheet facing down. (For example, if your sheet is printed, you will want the printed side facing the mattress, not facing you.)
3. Lay your duvet insert over the sheet.
4. Place the second flat sheet over the duvet, top (print-side) facing you.
5. At the top of the bed, pinch the three layers together with your hands, making sure that the duvet is encased between the two flat sheets. Fold them over, so the fold is about 1/4 of the way down your bed.

Encase the comforter/duvet cover between the two sheets.

Fold the sheet encased comforter/duvet insert over so that the fold is about 1/4 of the way down your bed.

Tips for Buying Sheets
• Stick to 100% natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen. These materials are breathable and tend to have a nice, smooth feel.
• I avoid flannel sheets when using this method to make a bed. My family finds them too heavy and warm. Plus, they tend to have a “rougher” texture.
• I don’t pay attention to thread count anymore. I used to buy into the notion that the higher the thread count, the better and splurged on sheets that honesty didn’t feel any better than this set, which is my current “go-to.”
How to Pick Out a Duvet Insert
The kind of duvet insert you buy is going to come down to personal preference. There are a ton of options on the market, and you can go with down or polyester fill. If you do purchase down, make sure that it has a sturdy cover so you don’t get poked with goose feathers all night! Also, read the reviews because to see what other customers have said about the quality of the cover.
I like to use a goose down duvet and have used (and gifted) this specific comforter. It’s lightweight enough that you can use it year-round, yet still feels warm and cozy during our South winters here in China.
Why Do I Need Two Sets of Sheets? Can’t I Just Use a Duvet Cover?
I know, it seems logical that you could just throw the comforter into a duvet cover and be done with it.
But, and I don’t know why, using two sheets creates an entirely different, more cozy feeling than a sheet and a duvet cover. I’ve experimented with this and always go back to the two-sheet method.
Add a White or Neutral Colored Quilt or Covering
After you have the sheet and comforter combo set up on the bed, you’ll want to add a quilt or other bed covers.
I LOVE the look of a white quilt – it feels very serene and hotel spa to me. Plus, if you want to change out pillows and throw blankets, it matches everything.
When adding this layer, simply place your quilt or bed covering neatly over the sheet encased duvet. You can either fold it back to just below the fold of the sheets/duvet, or you can fold it down to the bottom 1/3rd of your bed. This is totally a personal preference based upon the look you are going for.

I like to turn down my quilt so that the fold is just under the fold of my sheet encased duvet.
Adding Finishing Touches to Your Bed
If you’ve followed the steps above, you are in for the most comfortable sleep tonight! (Or nap, if you don’t want to wait to check out your amazing work). Just place your bed pillow at the top of the bed, and you’ve got everything you really need for a good night’s sleep in a super cozy bed.
Next, you want to add extras to your bed, you can get as creative or keep it as simple as you’d like. You can add decorative pillows or throws to your heart’s content. Or just leave the bed as is with the steps you’ve created above.
I tend to keep things simple by adding an oversized lumbar pillow and THIS throw blanket. (Seriously, if love cozy blankets, check this one out. It went viral in my family a few Christmas’s ago, and I swear it is, the most comfortable blanket ever. I always have one on my bed so, when I inevitably get cold in the middle of the night, I can wrap myself in pure cozy.)

You Deserve a Good Night’s Sleep in a Comfortable Bed!
You do a lot every day, and a good night’s sleep is such an essential part of recharging for tomorrow. Having a super cozy, comfortable bed to sink into at night is the perfect way to end your day!